A Book of Shadows ebook
A Book of Shadows ebook

A Book of Shadows by Tarostar
A Book of Shadows
Author: Tarostar
Page Count: 79 pages
Published Date: 03 Nov 2013
Publisher: Inner Light Publications,U.S.
Publication Country: New Brunswick, NJ, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780938294344
File Name: a.book.of.shadows.pdf
Download Link: a book of shadows

A genuine working record of Craft rituals and spells. This grimoire is a detailed manual for any practitioner of witchcraft. In addition to the multitude of spells, divination techniques, and procedures to reverse hexes/curses, this tome focuses on ritual practices for the small coven. Included are basic instructions on how to conduct ritual, as well as detailed examples of ceremonial procedures for various occasions and rituals for all eight Sabbats. SAMPLE RITUAL TO REVERSE CURSES AND HEX CURSES AND HEXES: ** 3 yellow or white candles-- **1 bottle Witchbane, Jinx removing or uncrossing oil. -- **1 packet Hermes Incense. -- On a day of Mercury, as Luna waxes in an air sign, light a bit of the incense and say: "SPIRITS OF THE ELEMENTS OF AIR, GATHER TO THIS CENSE MOST FAIR. DRIVE OUT ALL DEMONS OF DARKER MEIN. DISPELL THE HATE OF GALL AND SPLEEN." Annoint the three candles with the oil and vision the intentions of all evil thought returning to the one who sent them. Annoint also the victim upon whom the negative attack was directed on the forehead, throat and chest, to lift the evil effects. Light one of the candles and pass it thrice around the victim's head. Then circumambabulate him/her thrice with the burning incense, moving deosil, as these words are spoken.. " NIGHT BE DAY! SEND EVIL AWAY! COLD BE WARM! NO EVIL SWARM! DARK BE LIGHT! ALL HEREXI TAKE FLIGHT! POWER OF THE AIR SPRITES. REVERSE ALL ADVERSE FRIGHTS. SEND BACK TO THE EVIL ONE. TO HIDE FROM LIGHT OF SUN. IT SHALL BE AS IF NO MORE. ALL EVIL FLEE FROM THIS VERY DOOR!" Allow the candles and incense to burn themselves out. repeat this each day thereafter for two more days, until the candles are gone. the delivered victim should wear the oil as a body cologne until signs of reversal are appparent.

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